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“The First American Revolution: Fort Mose”

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HANKERSON HENRY PRODUCTIONS is pleased to announce our film, Gullah Geechee Corridor and the East Coast Greenwy, is now available on Video On Demand!

To RENT or BUY ”Gullah Geechee Corridor and the oEast Coast Greenway” , contact us at


Hankerson Henry Productions is a full service independent film production company

headquartered in Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast.


Hankerson Henry Productions (@HHPfilms) specializes in documentaries, promotional videos, docu-dramas, historical and contemporary story telling, campaign and candidate video, and more. We can do 2-3 minute spots, trailers, short films, or feature films. Film is powerful. Our team is passionate. We have extensive experience in business, politics, tourism, the environment, education, outdoor adventure, and more.


As an example, HHP’s mission statement and marketing strategy relative to our work in Florida (or anywhere) is to provide extensive research on heretofore little known facts regarding the founding of local municipalities and the significant part local history played in shaping present day Florida, which attracts tourists.  To uncover and present unique information which will pique the interest of domestic and foreign visitors alike.  Our company utilizes film as the primary media, and has the ability to provide narrated presentations of productions to select audiences as well as on public and social media. Additionally, Hankerson Henry Productions specializes in promoting tourism related activities throughout the state, nationally, and internationally for the purpose of development of overnight tourism, including the provision of tourism promotion, advertising, marketing, public relations, and sales including arts, film and television marketing and development. To promote the history of Florida as a feature of tourism and to provide this information to residents, most especially Florida's youth and a wider tourist audience.



Hankerson Henry Productions Team



Hankerson Henry Productions began in 2016 with the meeting of Derek Boyd Hankerson from Florida and Sheri Piper Henry from Wisconsin. Successful professionals independently, Derek and Sheri’s passion for filmmaking, storytelling, and most importantly, turning ideas into action, they came together to produce films and documentaries on history, culture, communities, and contemporary issues with an intentional focus of informing and inspiring clients and audiences. As HHP film founders, Hankerson and Henry believe in doing, not just talking about, what is possible. Together their collective experiences include arts, entertainment, business, politics, medical, media, and education as well as world travel, tourism, sports, outdoor adventure, culture, foodies, families, history, and current events.

Derek Boyd Hankerson is proud of his mixed ethnic heritage (including West African Gullah Geechee and British blend of English, Irish, and Scottish) and he has found his voice in telling stories though film. Currently residing along Florida’s Treasure Coast, Derek’s never-boring and ”always something” personal life experiences and professional career in the public, political, and private sectors bring energy and drive to the team. Derek is equally confident in front of or behind the camera and is versatile in print media, broadcasts, and filmmaking.

Sheri Piper Henry is equally diverse in her life experiences having worked and held her own in a mostly man’s world at a GM plant before its closing to her teaching and developing curriculum at the collegiate level in the medical field. While a Wisconsin women at heart, Sheri has traveled extensively and actively engages in organizations as a driving force. She understands the transformative ability of films to take audiences to new places and provide new perspectives.

Tamara Leigh joins the team of Hankerson Henry Productions as the Director of Communications and Marketing with a strong background and active role in social media, new media, communications, writing, streaming radio and video broadcasting, and more. She hosts her own podcast since 2011 across social platforms, and is a speaker, published writer and screenwriter in addition to being an enthusiast for an active lifestyle, travel, foodie culture, fashion, and family.

As the Hankerson Henry Production team has grown, our team includes a network of professionals from videographers, film editors. HHP is dedicated to providing full service video creation or independent film production. Our mission remains clear in focus to educate, enlighten, and entertain.



Hankerson Henry Productions team has decades of campaign and political experience to bring to any candidate or cause. Messaging and visual presentation can make or break a campaign, especially in the paradigm shift of social media verses a traditional tv/radio strategy. Derek Boyd Hankerson served as President Trump’s Florida Northeast Regional Director during the 2016 primary, and served as field staff for the Florida GOP and the RNC during the general election.

Contact us for how we can help your campaign.





“A Love Letter to Paradise” Hankerson Henry Productions Team - 48 Hour Film Challenge JW Marriott Marco Island (Press Release below)

Planet Vero Radio Interview with Derek Boyd Hankerson and Tamara Leigh on the 48 Hour Film Challenge on Marco Island.



48 Hour Film Challenge Press Release

Hankerson Henry Productions 48 Hour Film Challenge Team JW Marriott Marco Island  (L to R) Tamara Leigh, Sheri Henry, TeriTeri Duron, Derek Boyd Hankerson, Katrina Collins

Hankerson Henry Productions 48 Hour Film Challenge Team JW Marriott Marco Island

(L to R) Tamara Leigh, Sheri Henry, TeriTeri Duron, Derek Boyd Hankerson, Katrina Collins

Hankerson Henry Productions Team 48 Hour Film Challenge Actors (L to R) Kip Jones and Cindy Hile from Marco Island Players.

Hankerson Henry Productions Team 48 Hour Film Challenge Actors (L to R) Kip Jones and Cindy Hile from Marco Island Players.